Kamloops 2011 Western Canada Games

Souvenir Program Inside

After nearly 2 years my stint with the Western Canada Games is finished.  What a great experience it was, full of opportunity to try new things, meet new people and really get to know my community.

My final project was the production of the Games’ Souvenir Program, a wonderful magazine that we are all proud of.  Kamloops Daily News was absolutely fabulous to work with!  Their Publisher, Tim Shoults is one of the most professional, competent people I have ever worked with.  Our Artistic Designer, Shelley Ackerman was perfect.  It is so seldom that you find a graphic designer that understands exactly what you want and then takes it one step further.  The sales team brought together so many impressive advertisers from every aspect of the community.

I’d like to say the content is interesting and a good representation of  Kamloops, the sports community and the Tournament Capital!  I had such fun writing the stories within the Program, I hope you enjoy reading them.

If you are interested in a hard copy of the Program, please contact me and I will have one sent to you.



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