The Family Artist

I am SO proud of my son!  Well, in actuality I’m proud of both my children.  They are both such remarkable people who have never given me a day’s grief.   They are naturally good, honest, kind and smart.  However, my son has recently been recognized in a pretty exciting way; with a full page, color article in our local paper. 

My kids both have very creative spirits and come from a long line of artists.  Their father sketched and carved.  I was a ballerina for about 14 years and have done some painting and sketching as well.  My grandfather was an artist and sign painter during an era when signs were all still painted by hand.  My mother, grandmother and oldest sister are all quite accomplished pianists…..Josh seems to have gained all the artistic genes that ever existed in our two families.

A bit of history on Josh from the perspective of someone who’s known him forever; I can hardly remember a time when he wasn’t drawing!  He was drawing before he was really walking.  He started clambering around on furniture like babies do when they go from crawling, to standing with aid.  He found a pencil and paper on the coffee table and that was it!  He started drawing.  I suppose his very first attempts at putting pencil to paper were scribbles but it wasn’t long before the scribbles became concentrated lines and it wasn’t long after that these lines started to resemble images. 

I don’t ever remember him holding his pencil or crayon in a fist as most young children do; he always held it the way an adult or artist does.  He never drew stick people or stick creatures, they had form right from the very start.  His early drawings were of his surroundings and things familiar to him such as his family, our dogs and horses.  Then he discovered Stan Lee and Marvel comics!  His fascination with Spider Man and Wolverine had him sitting at a table, hunched over a paper, for hours at a time.  Our house was always full of stacks of papers, strewn across every available surface.  Some had complete drawings, others bits and pieces of half finished, discarded work.  The thing that fascinated me about Josh right from the start was how everything he drew came out of his head.  He didn’t sit with a book or picture next to him for reference.  Every image came right from his own imagination, through his pencil and onto the paper. 

His more recent work has an obvious graffiti, urban art and skate board culture flare to it.  Over the years he has most certainly developed his own unique style that takes elements from all of his influences and combines them with a bold use of color and perception that in my mind even contains hints of Van Gogh.  So here is the article on my son!

2 thoughts on “The Family Artist

  1. Congratulations Josh! We are all proud of you here in Williams Lake. You are very talented. Best wishes for your continuing success.

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