The Men in My Life

I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately; a quality I abhor and try not to tolerate for too long.  But for now, I feel the need to go off into a dark corner, all alone and “lick my wounds” so to speak before I pick myself up and get on with the business of living. 

So I’ve been doing just that and in doing so have been reviewing the men in my life.  Going down the list and analyzing my history, I realized that ALL of the very important ones have disappointed or hurt me.  Right from the very start of my life beginning with my father who, although he is a good man and is now a big part of my life, was not present while I was growing up.  Then into my teen and young adult life with boyfriends.  Now there was something I wasn’t prepared for!  Then there was my husband of 20 years; well that’s something I could go on for days about or not say a thing about……..I prefer to not say a thing.  And lastly to that one, true love of my life who finally, and completely shattered what was left of my poor heart. 

So there I was feeling very sorry for myself when I came across this picture someone had posted on Facebook!  I took a long, loving, look at the tall, slim, young man in the photo.  His cap put on backwards and pulled tightly down over his red hair, his impish grin, his easy going almost graceful gate, evident even in a photograph and I realized something!  This is one man who could NEVER disappoint me!  My son!

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