The First “REAL” day of Spring

We have had a beautiful spring.  In fact an amazing winter too.  I think I shoveled snow twice this year and that was all before the end of December!  But all the same, between the warm, sunny days of this pre-spring there have been others that were very cool and winter like.  Even the warm days, you could feel that underlying ice in the air.  

But today spring definitely and permanently arrived!  I knew it the moment I woke up even before I opened my eyes.  I could see the sun shining in through my bedroom window and hear a bird, cheerfully singing in the tree on our front lawn.  That one, small bird was announcing the arrival of spring TODAY! 

I recall another time, about 6 years ago when I had this very same feeling….. an actual time, date and moment when I felt/saw/heard spring “arrive”.  I was walking down the street of the neighborhood I lived in at that time, one early evening, talking to someone I love very much on my cell phone; I stopped for a moment and sat down on a step on the side of the street and there is was.  In the air all around me, the smell of everything fresh and new, the feel of a warm breeze caressing my cheek and the taste of it in my mouth…… what a wonderful year that turned out to be for me!  Every aspect of my life grew and blossomed along with that first “hello” of spring.

 My grandmother loved spring, I believe it was her favorite time of year and she came alive with everything around her.  She was the most inventive, avid gardener I have ever known and anywhere she lived turned into a Garden of Eden at her hand.  She died ten years ago in spring and I miss her still.  But every spring I think of her and everything she has brought to my life and the lives of many others in my family.

 This morning on my walk to work this phrase came to mind amongst the beauty of this wonderful first real day of spring “savor every moment of life”!

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