Our Backwards Neighbor’s House

From the very first day that we moved into our new house, in our new city to start our new life, there has been one little persistent thorn in my side.

The neighbors who live directly across the street from us, have for some bizarre reason, known only to themselves and no one else on the block, built the back of their house facing the front of the street. So each morning when I look out the front room window at the city laid out in the valley below, I see that ridiculous house with its dryer vent and air conditioner sitting there in its unfinished, unlandscaped backyard facing out onto the street, where the front of the house should rightfully be. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me and it probably wouldn’t but the fact that there is always some strange, weird thing going on there on top of it all makes it impossible to ignore.

For example, in the middle of winter we come home one afternoon and there “he” is on top of the roof with a little man in a tool belt with a blow torch, melting the snow off the roof. Yes, I said little man. This guy was not a boy and he wasn’t a midget, he was a very little man with a big tool belt hanging off his hips. There was also a fire truck parked out on the street which oddly enough had nothing to do with the fact that they were up on the roof melting the snow with a blow torch. Apparently they had a leak in the roof and now their roof has this big, unsightly, patch that looks like melted shingles, directly in the middle of the roof.

But it gets better……. We soon began to notice random objects appearing on the front yard which looks like the back yard. We never really saw anyone put them there; they just seemed to show up. And not just overnight, sometimes there would be nothing there in the morning but by mid afternoon a child’s chair would be sitting there in the middle of the yard. Other times it was furniture. It looked as if someone had brought it out to the sidewalk to be picked up, but days would go by and it would still be there. Sometimes it even got rained on. But the weirdest thing, the icing on the cake was the clown car! Well, it wasn’t really a clown car, but from our viewpoint it looked like one. We determined that it is some kind of old arcade game with a bright red playing screen and big yellow chair to sit in. It’s still there, although it periodically gets moved from one place to another and is now on its side.

Just the other day I walked into the living room and my daughter, who was lounging on the couch reading a magazine, said “mom, guess what our neighbors have on their front lawn now”?  Of course I couldn’t guess and certainly never would have, so had to look…… it was a boat!  Motor and all.

I guess it keeps life interesting and the neighbor’s entertained

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